Big Stage is a technology company that enables interactive entertainment developers of all shapes and sizes to create sticky, revenue generating online experiences, incorporating advanced avatar technology into all forms of interactive media.

Powering Personalized Avatar Experiences

The Big Stage Platform is a robust collection of technologies that come together to form the most advanced avatar personalization platform on the planet. Using simple photographs of a face, the Big Stage Platform performs advanced facial analysis and 3D face reconstruction. After analyzing and collecting substantial information about the user's face, the Big Stage Platform uses that data to create both photorealistic and stylized avatars that resemble the user.

About The Creation Process

Style Is Everything

The Big Stage Platform converts the data collected about the users' faces into avatars rendered in a wide range of artistic styles. From a 2D cartoon style avatar to a full-fledged photorealistic 3D avatar, the Big Stage Platform can create personalized avatars for any environment.

Where Innovation Drives Engagement

No media experience is more emotionally driven than the creation, care, and social utility of The Digital You including all your various alter egos. Big Stage Entertainment brings the deeply personal phenomenon of projection of self to interactive entertainment developers around the globe. Big Stage enables greater emotional connections between users and avatars.

Connect Users To Your Content

Big Stage allows publishers of interactive entertainment applications to invite consumers into their content. In addition to placing the consumer at the center of the publisher's digital universe, the Big Stage Avatar Platform creates a digital home for the consumer, creating deeper connections between consumers, content and the publisher's community.

Partner with Us

Big Stage Entertainment has already established a number of significant partnerships. We have worked with major global brands and cutting edge companies including Yahoo, Intel, The Smithsonian, Electronic Arts, MTV, Lionsgate, Sony BMG, Splash News, GGL Global Gaming, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, The Marketing Store, Stephen J. Cannell Productions, Icarus Studios, ACI, and The Venue Network (TVN). To discuss a business opportunity, please email us at bizdev@bigstage.com

Big Stage Entertainment investors include Mission Ventures, Selby Ventures and Tech Coast Angels.