The Avatar Platform

Platform Overview

The Big Stage Avatar Platform transforms photos of regular people into a wide range of avatar styles, fully animated and ready to enter any digital environment. The Platform combines several advanced technologies, including photogrammetry, computer vision, facial reconstruction and machine learning, which together enable interactive entertainment developers to create and publish highly personalized games and applications.

Products Overview

The enhanced level of personalization driven by Big Stage technology stems from the deeper emotional connection between users and their avatars when those avatars are constructed from actual photographs and therefore bear striking resemblances to their users which will drive up usage and micropayment transactions.

Ease of Integration

Our Platform’s client/server cluster can be deployed to any standards-compliant servlet container. It is cluster capable and written 100% in Java, which means it can run on any OS running the Java Virtual Machine. With a robust JSON-RPC based API and many client libraries supporting a wide variety of platforms from web, mobile, game, desktop and more - integration into your application will be a breeze. The web-based administrative console provides easy access for configuration and reporting. Virtually any database platform is supported complete with failover to ensure stability.


Regardless of your technology platform choice (Self Hosted or Big Stage Hosted), the Big Stage Avatar Platform API is all you need to get started. Examples of our client libraries and supported platforms include:

• Java / J2ME • PHP • Brew
• Perl • AS 3.0 / Flash • .NET
• Python • Android (Java) • JavaScript
• C++ • iPhone (Objective C) • Ruby

We will be adding new languages on a regular basis. If you don’t see the library you need, contact us.

For a custom library contact

For a developer kit and testing license, contact


Once installed, the Big Stage Avatar Platform builds fun, personalized avatars in under 30 seconds, using any photograph of a face as a starting point. If the application warrants a photorealistic avatar, users can build a geometrically accurate, photorealistic avatar by taking 3 specific photographs of their face, each image rotated by a few degrees. These photographs can be taken with any consumer digital camera on the market today.

All styles of avatar are fully animated and can be accessorized, with hair styles, clothing and more. Watch what happens to sales numbers on digital goods when the emotional connection between the user and the avatar is enhanced through the integration and use of the Big Stage Avatar Platform.


Installation and licensing of the Big Stage Avatar Platform is simple. Once integrated, the Platform allows the developer full control over the look and flow of the avatar experience, from user inputs to the final avatar usage in an application. The Platform covers development projects in all interactive environments, such as casual, core and serious games, web, desktop and mobile / embedded applications. You can choose to have Big Stage host your avatar creation environment for you or you can host it yourself.

Coming Soon

A new C++ SDK will soon be available for full avatar rendering and animation inside of any game engine.

Companies interested in licensing the platform should contact for more information.