Our Executive Team

Executive Team

Jonathan Strietzel

President and Co-Founder

Jonathan Strietzel is President and Co-Founder. He leads the company’s overall creative vision and champions our groundbreaking approach to personal projection into online media.

Jonathan is a true pioneer and entrepreneur in the world of digital media. In addition to founding Stritz Studios, a boutique specific effects and post production studio, he has invented multiple systems for delivering digital advertising and has been issued patents for his work. Jonathan has worked with numerous TV studios, Game Developers, Music Artists, and a number of Fortune 500 companies, including developing the highly publicized wireless clue delivery system for NBC’s “Treasure Hunters.”

Jonathan serves as an active public speaker, speaking at large public events such as The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Digital Hollywood, The New York Games Conference, Under The Radar, and OnHollywood. In the case of CES, he presented with Intel CEO Paul Otellini as part of Intel Corporation's keynote address at the 2008 International CES. Jonathan has also been a keynote speaker at private VIP Industry events such as Intel's Visual Computing Summit. He has been a talk-show guest on Orange County's "Dialogue with Doti" and on the internet tech show "Dog and Pony".

Outside of his business obligations, Strietzel advises students at the University of Southern California and Chapman University.

Jonathan graduated from Chapman University with a Bachelor of Science degree with special emphasis in Finance and Entrepeneurship.

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Executive Team

Jon Kraft

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

Jon Kraft is Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder. Jon has 18 years of experience as an entrepreneur in software and new media, with a record of starting and building innovative companies from scratch to market leadership positions. Jon's companies have often defined new markets, touching industries as diverse as enterprise decision support, music, new media, and computer graphics and animation.

Jon served as co-founder and CEO of Pandora Media (www.pandora.com), the largest and fastest growing online radio site in the world. Jon has also served as president of worldwide marketing and distribution for Auryn, Inc., a cutting edge, VC-backed animation technology company, and co-founder of Stanford Technology Group, an innovator in the relational OLAP market, funded by Sequoia and Hummer Winblad, and acquired by Informix Corporation. Jon went on to head up product marketing and business development for Informix's data warehouse business unit, a business which generated over $200M in annual revenue for Informix. Previously, he worked with Oracle and consulted for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Outside of his role with Big Stage, Jon served four years as chairman of the Technology Council of Southern California, and currently sits on that organization's Board of Directors.

Jon holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stanford University.

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Dr. Doug Fidaleo, Ph.D. Chief Scientist

Dr. Doug Fidaleo, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist

Dr. Fidaleo serves as Chief Scientist at Big Stage and leads the Core Technology Development group. Dr. Fidaleo led the development of the core Big Stage Facial Capture system under several government grants as a post doc at the University of Southern California (USC). He joined Big Stage immediately after the company was formed and began assembling a world class team of researchers and programmers to continue his work.

Dr. Fidaleo has wide ranging accomplishments both in and out of academia having published over 20 papers on subjects including facial tracking, emotion driven animation, performance driven wrinkle texture animation, expression recognition and automated music composition. He has developed management simulation systems, medical applications and mobile systems

At Big Stage, Dr. Fidaleo is continually advancing the fidelity and accuracy of Big Stage's core 3D facial capture and reconstruction algorithms and systems, voice modeling research and facial animation and expression systems.

Douglas holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from Pomona College and an MS in Computer Science with Specialization in Multimedia and Creative Technologies from USC, as well as a PhD in Computer Science from USC, focused on facial expression/dynamics analysis for face/expression recognition and performance driven facial animation.

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Executive Team

Rich Diephuis

Vice President of Engineering

Rich Diephuis serves as vice president of engineering. He brings nearly 30 years of experience in software and product development, including executive roles with Lotus Development, Applicon, Polygen, Paracel (purchased by Celera Genomics) as well as Evolution Robotics and Desktop Factory (Idealab companies).

Key accomplishments include leading the development and release of the first three versions of Lotus Notes, the award-winning software suite that defined the “groupware” category and has now surpassed 135 million total users. While at Paracel, Rich was responsible for developing leading edge parallel computers, text filtering software, and bioinformatics analysis software used globally by the intelligence and pharmaceutical communities. Other accomplishments include leading the development of ESRP (Evolution Robotics’ Behavior–Based Software Platform), the ER1 hobbyist robot kit, and the ER2 home robot prototype while at Idealab.

Rich holds BS, MS and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.