Technology: The Science of Simplicity

Big Stage is a media technology company that enables the projection of self into digital life through advanced, animated, photorealistic digital cloning of the human face. At, you can easily create a sophisticated, life-like 3-D model of your face – your Big Stage @ctor™ - by uploading digital photos of your face, taken with a standard digital camera. It’s The Digital You! You can then customize your @ctor™ with accessories, such as clothing, hairstyles, eyeglasses and more, and insert it into a growing library of movie scenes, TV and movie clips, music videos, virtual worlds, social networks, still images, video games, and advertisements to share with friends, family and colleagues. You can make and maintain as many literal and fantasy versions of yourself as you can imagine, with animated placement on your Facebook, MySpace and other social network pages only a few clicks away. 3-D experts may argue that you cannot make a 3-D model of a face from just a few images.

Welcome to Big Stage!

It isn’t enough to just create a 3-D picture of a person; the face must come to life and truly represent the personality of the user in a believable way.

- Dr. Mo Zhenyao Ph.D. Senior Software Engineer and Animation Specialist

Your Big Stage @ctor™ is created using advanced stereo reconstruction technology initially funded by the CIA and other government grants as part of a 9+ year research project at the University of Southern California (USC) under the direction of Professor and Department Chair of Computer Science, Gerard Medioni, Ph.D. In 2007, Big Stage Entertainment secured exclusive rights to exploit this technology for all purposes outside of Security. Big Stage Entertainment has invested thousands of hours of additional engineering time to produce what is today the most advanced mass market 3-D avatar technology anywhere – with no laboratory setting or special equipment required.

It is a remarkable accomplishment that this team has advanced our work so it can be readily enjoyed by a mass consumer audience using only a simple digital camera. The degree of difficulty in computer vision technology is unquestionably high, with unlimited future potential.

- Dr. Gerard Medioni Ph.D. and Professor, USC Viterbi School of Engineering

To realize this twofold goal of simplicity and realism, the Big Stage R&D team focused on extracting the quality and accuracy of complex 3-D scanning technology, previously only available to production houses and animation companies, to offer it to any consumer with a digital camera through a free, fun and easy-to-use browser platform. The team also built a system through which new technology advancements are automatically inherited by existing Big Stage @ctors™, meaning that the facial fidelity of your Big Stage @ctor™ will continue to improve over time.

The game changer occurs by making this capability accessible to all and fully
portable across digital life. Very soon, everyone will have a digital version of
themselves, and when that happens, cyberspace becomes a very very cool
place to hang out.

- Dr. Douglas Fidaleo Ph.D. Chief Scientist
Big Stage Entertainment, Inc.